Detox Packages

Our selection of four therapeutic treatments is designed to help your body detoxify, revive, refresh, and rebalance. Focusing on cleansing your digestive system, lymphatic system, and skin. Relax and unwind for 4 hours in our specially designed treatment room & luxury bathroom facilities.


Colonic Hydrotherapy

The ultimate inner body cleanse. Ridding the colon of accumulated waste, rebalancing bacteria, and encouraging a healthy digestive system. Enjoy the light fresh feeling, and sense of well-being that often comes from receiving a colonic

Full Body Massage

Combining different massage techniques to relax, destress and unwind, eliminate your aches and pains along with encouraging lymphatic drainage. This deep tissue massage is so good you won’t want it to end!

Aromatherapy Salt Scrub

This stimulating full body exfoliation, eliminates dead cells leaving the skin polished to perfection, regenerated, soft and smooth.

Mud Wrap

Inspired by the healing powers of the ocean, this luxurious treatment envelopes your body in a lavish infusion of pure mineral dead sea mud & essential oils. 

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